holocaust pimping and the public interest

“I don’t care what bloody age they are,” says holocaust pimping Lord Janner.

Does he mean the age of the boys, his victims  ?



lord janner

Lord Janner was excused by the Crown Prosecution Service from being questioned over “some of the most serious sexual crimes imaginable”. The director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, decided against Janner’s prosecution on the grounds of not being in the public interest.


Weekends in occupied Germany

Janner about serving in occupied Germany working for the War Crimes Investigation Unit of the British Army in 1946 :

“I was taken up to the Kinderheim, to the Children’s Home, where there were some sixty orphan children, most of whose lives had been saved by monasteries, … and I found it such a moving experience that for the next eighteen months I went back to them every weekend…”

The holocaust educational trust was founded 1988 by the MP Greville Janner and the former Home Secretary Merlyn Rees.

Member of the International holocaust remembrance Alliance. And committed to the Declaration of the Stockholm International Forum on holocaust propaganda.


( 6o children  …   Greville Janner went back to them every weekend )