In the cage


In the novel Ezra visits Dean Isaacs.

Why it’s Ezra Pound who has come around,” the Dean returns.
Morrisey, ‘List of the lost’

“Whenever I land on Italian soil I am happy – whether I want to be or not. It was Italy though who put Ezra Pound in a cage for two weeks… yes, a cage!… as punishment for being a genius. I think that was the lowest point in Italian history”
Morrisey, October 2014


Who is Isaac, the dean ?


“the most anarchic and non-cohesive behavior in modern Britain comes from the inner circle of the power elite, those too ennobled to bother about law; the case of Lord Janner, Leon Brittan, Harry Battenberg”
‘Charles: the unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible – Morrisey’


Todd Haynes film, Velvet Goldmine, looking back at the 1970:s. Has some resemblance to lord Janner.


The middleaged manager, from the film Velvet Goldmine, looking for young talent.


Velvet Goldmine has some creepy streaks of pedophilia.


In the movie, a voice says that taking homosexual advantage of a schoolboy is stylish.


Lord Janner with schoolboys in the 1970s