The Untouchables


“Paedophile politicians at Westminster murdered young boys at sex orgies, say two former Scotland Yard detectives.

The pair have made written statements to the Met Police about the VIP network which they claim was known as The Untouchables because they were too powerful to bring to justice.”




In the cage


In the novel Ezra visits Dean Isaacs.

Why it’s Ezra Pound who has come around,” the Dean returns.
Morrisey, ‘List of the lost’

“Whenever I land on Italian soil I am happy – whether I want to be or not. It was Italy though who put Ezra Pound in a cage for two weeks… yes, a cage!… as punishment for being a genius. I think that was the lowest point in Italian history”
Morrisey, October 2014


Who is Isaac, the dean ?


“the most anarchic and non-cohesive behavior in modern Britain comes from the inner circle of the power elite, those too ennobled to bother about law; the case of Lord Janner, Leon Brittan, Harry Battenberg”
‘Charles: the unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible – Morrisey’


Todd Haynes film, Velvet Goldmine, looking back at the 1970:s. Has some resemblance to lord Janner.


The middleaged manager, from the film Velvet Goldmine, looking for young talent.


Velvet Goldmine has some creepy streaks of pedophilia.


In the movie, a voice says that taking homosexual advantage of a schoolboy is stylish.


Lord Janner with schoolboys in the 1970s